Blues in Hell / Norway

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photo credit –  © Per Ole hagen


Written by Jan Erik Moe. (Translated by Vebjørn Halvorsen…)

Davina is a totally different kind of woman, and the closest you can get to the female version of Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan & Louis Prima.


It is not often that we are more right in our predictions. What a show, humor and quality-filled performance she and her very competent band delivered, not like anything we have seen before. Davina was very grateful for the support she got from the Blues In Hell audience, and not to mention the service provided by our volunteers here at the festival. From this, this unique lady wanted to come back, and we are not hard to ask, so the answer was: “YES YOU ARE VERY WELCOME”

Davina Sowers arrived as a bomb in the music scene in the Midwest USA. With her music from the streets of New Orleans, the jazz scene in New York or from the “homeland of blues”, Mississippi, she stirs the big letters in the music magazines. This mix of different styles of music, lead to her being called “The Louis Armstrong of Ladyblues”. She is compared to Amy Winehouse, Etta James and Bonnie Raitt. It is only seven years since she, for the first time, was on a festival poster/program of a festival, but during this time she has played with Little Feat, Buddy Guy, Elvin Bishop, The Blues Brothers, Joe Bonamassa, Irma Thomas and many, many other great artists within the blue music.

And the music? Well…it is like an American songbook. A mix of many blue styles of music, of what has made the blues, a New Orleans-Gumbo of the strongest kind. It swings like hell with Davina and the band. The piano Davina uses swings so much, that our stage-technicians have to bolt it to the stage before the concert… So, people, look forward to more great experiences when Davina and The Vagabonds enter the stage at Blues In Hell 2013. We who saw her last year know that Davina dishes out some quite special musical dishes, and yes do they taste good!

She is exclusively at Hell this year, so prepare to welcome “the storm from Minnesota”, and her very competent bans, consisting of Alec on drums, Andrew on bass, Ben on trombone and Daniel trumpet….