Selby Post/Goole Times Show Review (UK)

Davina And The Vagabonds – Saturday 19th May 2012.
Selby Town Hall was the first to book the delectable Davina and her band on their debut European tour. As soon as Davina came on stage, sat down at they keys (displaying her Phonograph tattoo), she commanded the stage and her beautiful smile lit up the room. Davina mentioned her Father sang “What A Day For A Daydream” to her as a child, he must be very proud of her excellent ear for music.
Davina played keys and sang like someone who had studied the Greats forever. Enchanting and feisty, her humour and lively style were clearly on display which the audience lapped up like helpings of delicious Gumbo. An impressive band consisted of Michael Carvale on String Bass/vocals, Alec Tackmann on Drums, Daniel Eikmeier Trumpet/vocals and Ben Link on Trombone. Together the legacy of Louis Prima could be heard in their New Orleans Jazz/Swing sound.
Louis Jordan’s track “Knock Me A Kiss” started the show. Other covers included the songs of Fats Waller, Bluesman James Harman, Wilson Pickett and Eta James’s “I’d Rather Go Blind” – sang with such emotion, it clearly affected the audience along with the beautiful Billy Holiday track “Travelling All Alone.” Fats Domino songs were where the art of her piano playing really showed. Original songs included “Black Cloud,” “Start Running”- a song written in anger “Lipstick And Chrome“ and wonderful “Pocket;” showcasing her writing ability as well as her vocals.
St Michael Vs The Devil became a dual between Davina and the Trumpet, mimicking each other in a fun-filled battle of sounds. A very skilled player made it interesting as Davina has exceptional vocal control. Ending the night with gospel children’s song “This Little Light Of Mine.” With their spirited performance, after being transported to the Mardi Gras in Louisiana, New Orleans we were left wanting more.

– Tracey Cope