We LOVE Champaign IL

Champaign,Oh how I love thee!

DATV had a GREAT night at The HighDive playing for friends we haven’t scene in a LONG time! We usually play at Mike N Molly’s outside on their beer garden, but due to Midwest winter weather.. we felt it was way too long to be seperated from our Champaign friends… we opted for The HighDive.. It was a beautiful stage!

ThreeBird, a local talented band opened for us. Jammin’ Jimmy Bean, a dear friend is the drummer and one of the lead vocalist of the group. Michael sat in with them too! They sound great!
Here is a photo of ThreeBird

                                                                                                                                                                                     photo :  Dougy Pugh

One of our many Champaign/Urbana friends came and took pictures..
Her name is Joanna Strauss of Joanna Strauss Photography (WEBSITE/FACEBOOK)
Here are some of her photos of the show.. I think it really captured our show.. Just hum a DATV song while looking through, if you missed the event.