Amazing things ahead..

As always, it is a month filled with blessings,  reminders, and hope. Blessings of a dream come true, sharing our love of music and words. Reminders of all the hard work this band has done while wanting and wishing our notes to be shared with our friends and fans. We are only hoping to have many more opportunities ahead of us to do just that… play music.
We love what we do, and we do this because of the happiness, we hope, it brings you.


We are heading to Memphis TN, Clarksdale MS, and Champaign IL. These three places are dear to our hearts. We have many friends and fellow artist we are excited to run into in these cities.
Mort, (our van), is cleaned, packed, and ready to go. Ipod are filling and charged. Camera is swiped clean of past adventures, ready to be filled with more glimpses of our world.

We will be posting videos and pictures of our adventures in 2012.. Please feel free to spy on us through our posts. You are welcome to come along and share in the experiences.